Dialog Automation by Scoutsss is constantly evolving. Here we inform you about new features, improvements and fixes.

August 2020

Dashboard accept new terms pop up for web user

Dialog campaign multiple custom terms and conditions titles, URLs with ability to translate them.

Dialog campaign disable option of avatars

Business dashboard: alerts journal for emails and sms

Set task choice target URL (same window, open new window)

Localize task choice URL

Set task choice background color

Set text task date validation date parts (show day, show month, show year, year range)

New date picker UI for dialog campaigns

Task view inside the alert email body with opening the dialog campaign with first task answered, UI fixed, placeholder to use: {taskview.TASKID}

Video button in the widget options for embedding dialogs

Transparent option in the widget options for embedded dialogs

Show “Get campaign link” button in the campaigns list

New integration: Google analytics

Enable personal data saving for campaign and task for dialog campaigns

Builder – Load touchpoints with progress bar on opening the campaign edit

Show powered by/terms links for first task if auto start is enabled in the dialog, hide after the first task, hide on start if auto start is not enabled

Internal pop up brackets in task texts to support custom terms opening, ex: [popup] click here [content]TERMS CONTENT HERE[/content] [/popup]

July 2020

Integrations page UI Improvements

Integrations with MailChimp & ActiveCampaign (phase 1)

Integration with SAP Marketing Cloud

Download all touchpoints QR codes fix

June 2020

New rich editor including integration with the media library

Language/Cultures management in the translations manager

Dialog text task – Google sheets integration with suggestions notes (sort by most fit, underline similar words, other option, support links … etc) – for FAQ solutions

Get link for a touchpoint to be like the campaign including showing personalized/branded URLs

Support (I Don’t know) in the dialog conditions

Fix rendering (Enable I Don’t know) in task edit

Personal data checkbox for the campaign and task

Dialog UI and functionality improvements:
– Hide task options after skipping
– Scrolldown to the text input if an option with “Enter free text” enabled is clicked
– Update hidden tasks values during the dialog
– Support conditions for google spreadsheet suggestions result

May 2020

Incidents for recurring dialog sequences

New function in dialog: Book appointment

New integrations: Google sheets, Google calendar

Updated actions list in Campaign dashboard

New features in dialog: Just image, Background desktop/image

Save user attributes with timestamp

Alert customisation: Tailored Sender name and Reply to

April 2020

Save campaign with individual subdomains

New task type “Jump to”

Priority selection of the follow-up communication

Text input field optimised

New placeholders for campaigns and results (polls, calculations”)

March 2020

New function: Stripe payment

Assigning default values of hidden tasks before submission to support having updated placeholders (users/task answers) during the dialog

Support tasks/users placeholders and formulas in hidden tasks default values

Moving the A/B, single choices/ multiple choices/ slider options outside the message box

Show multiple choices task selected choices texts instead of ids in the alerts placeholders.

Fix conditions on following tasks of single/multiple task with subchoices that use these subchoices tasks in the conditions.

Fix a case of the subchoices if the parent task is a single choice and the subchoices tasks are multiple choices, to unselect the choices from other subchoices tasks

Show a custom logo in the dialog header if the option (show logo instead of title in the header) is enabled

February 2020

New function: Step back

Adjusted UI (choices outside question box)

Automated Dialog validation at any point chosen