Dialog Automation by Scoutsss is constantly evolving. Here we inform you about new features, improvements and fixes.

May 2020

Incidents for recurring dialog sequences

New function in dialog: Book appointment

New integrations: Google sheets, Google calendar

Updated actions list in Campaign dashboard

New features in dialog: Just image, Background desktop/image

Save user attributes with timestamp

Alert customisation: Tailored Sender name and Reply to

April 2020

Save campaign with individual subdomains

New task type “Jump to”

Priority selection of the follow-up communication

Text input field optimised

New placeholders for campaigns and results (polls, calculations”)

March 2020

New function: Stripe payment

Assigning default values of hidden tasks before submission to support having updated placeholders (users/task answers) during the dialog

Support tasks/users placeholders and formulas in hidden tasks default values

Moving the A/B, single choices/ multiple choices/ slider options outside the message box

Show multiple choices task selected choices texts instead of ids in the alerts placeholders.

Fix conditions on following tasks of single/multiple task with subchoices that use these subchoices tasks in the conditions.

Fix a case of the subchoices if the parent task is a single choice and the subchoices tasks are multiple choices, to unselect the choices from other subchoices tasks

Show a custom logo in the dialog header if the option (show logo instead of title in the header) is enabled

February 2020

New function: Step back

Adjusted UI (choices outside question box)

Automated Dialog validation at any point chosen