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Build the bridge to your audience and Powercharge your CRM

Enter the new era of marketing with conversations, based on autopilot. Ask us to assess your current marketing spend, streamline and automate activities and save money.

Engage customers & employees with Gamification 

Studies show that the use of gamification increases motivation and makes people extend their attention span. Use these techniques to build emotional relationships with your audience. We are here to help you implement them.

Boost Word-of-Mouth

Ask your audience to test, review and rate your products, services and experiences. It will become your marketing budget. We are here to guide you.

Take Your step into the Future of Marketing

Update your website, social media and physical points of contact and launch real dialogues, 100% automated. Improve the customer experience and expand your audience. Ask us to set up your 1st Dialog funnel.

Unlock the potential of Digitalization

Ditch the forms. Gain efficiency and digitize communication, gain time and save costs. Ask us to analyze all communication processes and draw up an action plan.

Adopt a customer mindset in your organisation

Establish a path of constant listening and gathering insights, set up feedback loops at relevant points of contact and make NPS the secret tool for your company’s success. Book a free workshop about what NPS, CSAT and CES can do for your future success.

Bring the digital spirit into your team with Dialogs

Keep them up to date while streamlining communication and processes. Grow your knowledge and training base. Start with a free employee survey to feel the pulse. We show you how.

Ask questions, get your audience involved, gather insights

Collect feedbacks, opinions and how situations look like in real-time. Learn through analytics to adapt and improve faster. Leave your competition behind. Just ask us.